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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Commission européenne  
        "Digital cultural heritage" :  projets financés  & conférence TEL-ME-MOR

Madame, Monsieur, 

La Commission européenne a récemment financé des projets dans le domaine de
l'héritage culturel qui peuvent vous intéresser

DigiCult: New research projects launched 

The DigiCult website presents information on all EU-funded research
projects in
the field ICTs for cultural heritage. Recently added: six new projects,
selected from the last call for proposals under FP6. The projects focus on
discovering, accessing and using digital cultural resources.
They address issues such as indexing, semantic annotation, search & retrieval
of multilingual and heterogeneous content, including images and music, and
digital libraries services.

CONTRAPUNCTUS sets out to create an online library that facilitates access to
digital Braille scores for blind musicians.

EASAIER will offer enhanced access to sound archives through the
integration of
speech and music processing, cross-media retrieval and interactivity tools.

MEMORIES will deploy an OAIS-based application combining computer
assistance for
developers of audio databases and a smart search engine for audiovisual
information retrieval.

MOSAICA plans to develop a technology toolbox for intelligent presentation,
knowledge-based discovery and interactive & creative educational
experiences of
a broad variety of cultural heritage resources.

P2P-FUSION will support creative reuse of audio and video through an open,
accessible, legal and economically efficient environment for audiovisual
cultural activities.

VENUS aims at providing scientific methodologies and technological tools
for the
virtual exploration of deep underwater archaeology sites.
For more details: 

Plus d'information sur el site 



'The Digital Future of Cultural and Scientific Heritage' 

Policy conference organised by TEL-ME-MOR, a DigiCult project in the digital
libraries field 

The conference will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, on 19-20 October 2006, and
will focus on the following themes: 
- The European Library (TEL) and its relation with other memory institutions:
digitisation priorities, standards and interoperability between libraries,
museums and archives, multilingual interfaces and searching, etc.
- research requirements, role & perspectives of memory institutions within the
7th Framework Programme for EU research; and other international initiatives
relevant for digital libraries

To access more information and to register, please visit the TEL-ME-MOR

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