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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Subject: ECONTENT Société allemande MICUS cherche  
        partenaire  ayant un grand réseau (eau, gaz , electricité ...)

Madame Monsieur

La société MICUS Mnagement Consulting Gmbh recherche des partenaires pour un

We are planning to submit a proposal within the 2005 tender. Our project,
called EUDEXA (European utility data exchange on assets), is an online
information system about networks and other buried assets which helps to
damages to underground assets, working as web service on the basis of OGC

We are now looking for big Europe network and asset operators (gas, water,
electricity etc.) and would like to ask you for your help in finding such
companies in your country. 

Please find herunder for your information a short description of the project.
(The document bears the older working title eTrasse instead of EUDEXA, the
contents however are the same.) 

The German network for pipelines and cables is a dense one; the gas supply
network alone covers 460,000 km of lines. Therefore, constructing
companies are obliged to gather information about the location of networks
before starting underground works. On the other hand, utility companies
have to
give out the information about the location of their networks. So far, these
duties can only be carried out in a limited way.
The duty to provide information ties up a lot of the utility companiesí
resources: All in all, the annual costs for documenting, monitoring
and informing about the networks amount to several million Euro.

Considerable damage despite high efforts

Despite all these efforts, networks are damaged again and again: Nearly every
second damage to cables or pipelines is due to underground works. The total
costs resulting from damages to networks are estimated at 500 million Euro
We therefore need a system to reduce damages to networks, a system that
combines low costs for the information with an improved usefulness.

eTRASSE will reduce costs and damages to networks

A new concept for an online network information system has been developed in a
close cooperation between business and research.
A prototype has been tested successfully together with network operators and
building authorities. The system can be implemented
anywhere with immediate effect.
The concept is not only sound from a technical view, but is also based on a
business model which makes it possible to implement the
information service early, straightforward and at low costs. It was developed
together by the association Runde  Tisch GIS e. V. (Round Table GIS), residing
at the Technical University Munich, and MICUS Management Consulting GmbH.

The online network information service eTRASSE is based on standards of the
Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the area of GIS and on general IT standards.
The service is therefore independent from producers, guarantees
interoperability and can easily be expanded to include any utility. The data,
decentrally distributed in different systems, is not laboriously integrated
into a central geographic information system, but stays with the network
operators, who are responsible for keeping the data up-to-date. The online
network information service communicates the
information about the location of the cables or pipelines to the user online.
For the .rst time, information about all networks from all different
operators can be bundled.

eTRASSE makes it easier to get information about networks, and the damages to
pipelines and cables can be signi.cantly reduced: 5 %
less damages would already save 25 Million Euro. At the same time, there are
considerably less time and effort necessary for both users
giving and seeking information.
The application can also be used for coordinating construction sites; here the
underground works of different operators are coordinated.
First experiences show possible savings of 20 % of the costs for underground
works. In addition, this creates a communication platform
between authorities and companies that gives highly up-to-date information
about changes in buildings and infrastructure.

For further information please contact:
Dr. Martin Fornefeld
MICUS Management Consulting GmbH
Phone: +49 211 3003 420, www.micus.de
Prof. Dr. Matthäus Schilcher
Technical University of Munich
Phone: +49 89 289 22578, www.rtg.bv.tum.de

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone if you need more details
or have additional questions. 
Sincerely yours,r

Ms Kirsten Overmann
MICUS Management Consulting GmbH
Stadttor 1
40219 Düsseldorf
Overmann, Kirsten [Overmann@micus.de]
Tel.: +49 (0)211/3003 420
Fax: +49 (0)211/3003 200

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