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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: French IPv6  worldwide summit / 14-15 novembre 2006 / Cannes

Madame monsieur

The French IPv6 Task Force in cooperation with ETSI and the European
IST founded projects Eurolabs and Go4IT, with the support of the IPv6 Forum,
European IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee and the French Ministry of
Industry, are pleased to invite you and your company to attend the French IPv6
worldwide Summit, which will be held on 14-15 November 2006 at the Sofitel
hotel, Cannes Mandelieu, France.
This French IPv6 event is featured by a variety of activities: keynote speech,
top leaders' dialogues, and technical sessions to include:
··IPv6 Governance 
··Deployment in governmental agencies 
··Operators and ISPs deployment 
··Deployment in the educations sector and regional environment 
··Application and services 
··Vendors roadmap and vision 
··Test and certification 
··Network management 
In parallel to the conference, the following will take place:
·       IPv6 tutorial on Monday 13 followed by on Thursday 16 with a practical
Workshop with 100 connected PCs 
·       IPv6 interoperability event 13 - 16 November 

After 10 years of intense standardization activities, we enter the cycle of
IPv6 technology deployment which is the traditional cycle known by other
protocols in particular (GSM, UMTS). It is also to some extent the
beginning of
return on investment (ROI) of the efforts endorsed by governmental
organizations in various regions of the world in many projects and trials on a
large scale (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Europe, the United States). This
intellectual know-how asset results from the experience feedback which will be
largely used to facilitate the commercial deployment and the resolution of new
problems which will not fail to appear in the operational phase.
The creation of the last 2 regional Internet registries (RIR): AFRINIC (for
Africa) and LACNIC (for Latin America and the Caribbean) on one hand, and the
positioning of India in favour of IPv6 on the other hand, make that the IPv6
question must from now on be seen and dealt with on worldwide range. This is
being based on the economy and the information society knowledge which must
provide services for the benefit of all citizens.

In 2006, one can count on an encouraging number of pre-commercial and
commercial offers relating to IPv6 services. This gives evidence to the true
take off of the deployment process. A cycle of at least 10 years of
opening to different stakeholders to take all business and markets opportunity
measures driven by the IPv6 technology.
Officials from the European Commission France, Japan, Korea, Taiwan North
America, India and China will speak at the Summit and participate in the
various activities. Worldwide carriers, IPv6 equipment manufacturers, IPv6
application providers, system integrators will join the event.

We are convinced that the November 2006 French IPv6 Summit in Cannes,
France is
going to be a significant milestone for the industry development. As
participants, you will enjoy greater opportunities to further strengthen
business cooperation with major carriers and vendors. We believe that the
Summit will exceed your expectations. 

We look forward to your attendance to the French IPv6 Summit in France

Pour plus d'information

Nathalie GUINET 
Event Coordinator 
Tel: +33 4 92 94 43 62 
Fax: +33 4 92 38 49 13 


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