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Une entrprise italienne recherche un partenariat ETEN

Co-ordinator description:

Prima Pagina srl is an Italian company acting  in the publishing sector since
The company excels for its ability in technological transfer and to internally
develop original software solutions. 
The society realized innovative and exclusive services for national and
international institutions. 
Prima Pagina srl has a deep knowledge in the publishing sector and has ICT and
multimedia competences. 
>From 1993 the company edits a specialized periodical, that today has 124.000 
readers on line. 
The actual mission is to realize innovative, hi-level solutions in


The project will develop two eTen lines:

- E-Learning: including the use of multimedia technologies, the Internet and
other delivery channels to improve the quality of learning by facilitating
access to resources and services and the provision of collaborative and remote

- Services support SME’s: including services that facilitate the full
participation of SMEs in the economy and their interaction with their working
environment including all actors

Action type

Market validation

Description of  service
The project name is B.I.S.  Business Information Service. 
It is a reengineering of classical PRESS REVIEW, to offer efficient  and less
expensive solution to old needs. 
B.I.S. delivers customized press review specifically for information needs of
SMEs’s managers.  
The project philosophy is in the claim: “news you can use”. 
The press review of  B.I.S. was projected exactly to support SMEs’s innovation
and competitive intelligence.  It is customizable and multimedia, and it
represents a new generation of press review.
As business information service, B.I.S. delivers to SMEs other services to
support and increase competitiveness.
This press review is not a typical pages to read, but a  multimedia to listen
Therefore, this service doesn’t interrupt the user work.  The manager can
listen to the press review while working on the same computer.
Thanks to its technology and its  low price, B.I.S. is a real  “facilitator”. 
In addiction, also SMEs’s  manager can have access to high level information
By this solution, the managers can save time and money.
B.I.S. is ready for mobile devices. 
The core of  B.I.S. was developed as original solution for  Ministero dei Beni
Culturali (Ministry of cultural heritage), for a special management of
information and data. Furthermore, this original solution was adapted for
market with collaboration of E2B Lab (hi-tech  incubator of University of
Rome), and now it is waiting for an international patent.

Project phases

Phase 1: to build trans-national SMES’s test group.
Phase 2:to develop multilingual interactive interfaces for partners and
Phase 3 : to build multimedia e-content for market test.
Phase 4 : to deliver services  to customers (SMEs).
Phase 5 : market validation report.

Partners request

Public and private organizations with  competences in business administration;
Universities,  SME,  Public bodies

Associations and organizations offering assistance to the development of  SMEs

Roles of partner

To collaborate to the construction of the SMEs test group (phase 1).
To collaborate to the editorial activities (phase 3).
To collaborate to the market validation report  (phase 5). 

Other information 

The coordinator is able to support the single partners in the realization of
their  activities
In addiction,  when the project will be concluded, the co-ordinator is
to share with the partners  the business  opportunities


EIC IT  389- BIC Lazio 
Michela Marcoccia
Roberto Giuliani
E-mail: eicit389@biclazio.it

Prima Pagina srl
Dr. Claudio Torella
V.le E. Franceschini 35, 00155 Roma
Email: ct@primapagina.biz    
Tel. +39 06 27 44 77

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