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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Subject:  Un réseau d'écoles grecques se propose   comme "end user" de projets communautaires  

Madame monsieur

Dans le cadre des projets, on a souvent besoin d'un partenaire qui fournisse
une infarstructure de etst des applications : c'est ke cas de ce réseau

les programmes visés sontECONTENT et ETEN essentiellement

Merci de contacter directement le responsable

Mr. A. Nikolopoulos
e-mail: stoamanager@arsakeio.gr


A. Foundation

Filekpaideftiki Etaireia is the oldest educational institution in Greece. It 
was founded in Athens in 1836 by three prominent scholars: the paedagogist 
Ioannis Kokkonis, the nation?s paedagogist George Gennadios and the bishop 
Missail Apostolidis. The three innovators? proposal was met with positive 
reaction from the eminent people of the era. Around the fundamental core of 
founders a large circle of benefactors and donators was developed that 
supported the Filekpaideftiki Etaireia. The most important benefactors were 
Apostolos Arsakis, doctor and scholar from Hotahova in northern Ipeiros and  
Michael and Eleni Tositsa from Metsovo, Ipeiros. The action of
Etaireia soon expanded all over Greece. Its greatest offer  however was in the
field of educating female teachers by founding and  operating the Upper or
Girls? Schools, which, for a period of 63 years,  offered Greek women the
chance to be educated and to educate the younger  generation in turn, since
state offered school for men only.

B. School Administration

Filekpaideftiki Etaireia is a non-profit charitable educational institution, 
that constitutes from a Body of Associates and from which the Administrative 
Board and the President are elected and administer gratis. The Administrative 
Board consists of twelve members renewed every three years through elections 
held by the General Assembly of Associates. The Administrative Board plans
directs the entire educational work as well as the cultural and  intellectual
activities of the foundation. There are also central  administrative and
financial services and a special service called Epopteia,  which control and
assess the educational work accomplished in the three  nursery, ten primary,
six secondary schools and seven lycea of  Filekpaideftiki Etaireia.

C. Filekpaideftiki Etaireia today

Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools today educate 9.000 students, in total, and employ 
800 teachers. The school buildings, in Psychiko, Ekali, Patras, Thessaloniki 
and Tirana, specially designed and constantly renovated, allow all types of 
activities to be held providing the appropriate space and equipment. Apart 
from school classes therefore, one can find science and computer
a natural history museum, fields and sports centres,  conventional and
electronic libraries, church, theatre etc.

The last two decades have been a period of forceful activity for
Filekpaideftiki Etaireia and its Schools:

The Epopteia institution was reinforced with the role of specialities 
coordinators, who inspect the work of teachers and offer them the possibility 
to concentrate on their educational role by supplying them with educational 

- Organization of educational seminars for teachers so as to keep them 
informed on recent developments of their science and contemporary

- During the 1980?s the Schools were updated accepting male students.

- The Arsakeion Megaron (Building), in the centre of Athens, reassumed its 
leading role in the country?s cultural life by founding the Book Arcade in 

- Foundation of special services: the Cultural Events Service which plans and 
organizes events in Schools in association with other schools and cultural
organizations; the Educational Programs Service which programmes and 
coordinates further educational activity beyond the school program in
archaeological sites and exhibition sites, but also in places of 
administration, production and work; the Counseling-Psychological Service 
which offers psychological support to students, giving emphasis  on 
prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of learning difficulties and 
adaptation; the Speech Therapy Service, which supports nursery and primary 
school pupils experiencing speech disorders; the Career Consultant Service 
which offers students and their parents information regarding university 
studies in Greece and abroad.

Filekpaideftiki Etaireia put also special emphasis on cooperation with 
parents. The parents? associations function as a bridge of communication 
between parents and school in order to support the educational work and the 
schools? social activities and to pinpoint and solve possible problems. 
Finally, the relationship between parents and Schools is also reinforced 
through Epikoinonia, the specialized Filekpaideftiki Etaireia periodical that 
presents the students? activities, the schools and Filekpaideftiki Etaireia?s 
events as well as articles of an educational, cultural and social interest. 

D. Students? Education

The Filekpaideftiki Etaireia Schools, with a tradition of educational
are constantly adapted to the current circumstances ?educational or  general?
by continuously readapting their program. Therefore, the official  state
program is expanded aiming at the substantial cultivation of students, 
that become aware of the current social and cultural reality in our country 
and the world, through a series of activities. The following activities are 
organized, cultivated and offered:

- Educational excursions.
- Cultural activities: exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, seminars, 
tributes to life and work of important artists and writers organized in 
association with cultural bearers of Greece and abroad.
- Drama education, through performances organized by students and by the pilot
implementation of the ?theatre education? special program.
- Relations to other schools. The institution of fraternization with  schools
in remote areas as well as with schools all over the world leads to  mutual
student, intellectual, athletic and cultural activities and to mutual 
hospitality through specially designed programs.
- Participation of the students of Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools in the  Youth
European Parliament, in the Model of the United Nations etc.
- Health education, for adequate information on issues of health and  hygiene.
- nvironmental education, theoretically supported by a cross  scientific study
of environmental issues and practically with excursions on  the Greek
- Social contribution is considered by Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools a  field of
substantial development of action and education, both in Greece  itself and
abroad, and it is regularly expressed in religious celebrations  and whenever
there is an immediate need.

E. Societies 

Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools offer students the opportunity to participate in
societies upon completion of the daily program. The wide scope and enriched 
program of the societies provide an added opportunity for the development of 
skills and inclinations. Exercise ?physical and mental?, mind games, 
communication and socialization, positive use of time and systemization of 
interests outside school are the particular aims of the societies, that
include: foreign languages, athletics, drama education, music education, 
performing arts, the art of communication (orator?s society and journalism), 
astronomy, meteorology, natural sciences, informatics, biology, environment, 
mathematics, chess and creative thinking.

Filekpaideftiki Etaireia is interested to participate in cultural and 
educational programs. 

Mr. A. Nikolopoulos
e-mail: stoamanager@arsakeio.gr
Arsakeia ? Tositseia Schools 

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