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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Subject:  Entreprise italienne CSI recherche partenaire pour projet de  réseau thématique dans ECONTENT   

Ligne d'action choisie : Multilingual thematic network to support digital
information use and re-use applied to public sector

Description du projet : The project proposal aims at creating a European
sector information network in order to contribute to the creation of rules and
practices harmonisation in EU Member States relating to the re-use of public

By bringing together private and public sector experts active in  the field of
public sector information, the network will contribute to the wider re-use and
exploitation of public information supported by an harmonised framework
legislation at EU level.

The specific objectives of the project proposal are:
-  share knowledge and experience among network partners on rules and
concerning  information re-use in different Member States;
-  identify common best practices methodologies related to the implementation
of legislation concerning  public information re-use;
-  analyse public re-used information;
-  disseminate common best practices experiences related to information re-use
rules and practices;
-  identify organizational and technical solutions  for spreading
digitalinformation services toward territories with different ICT
-  identify experimental information services based on Member State partner
best practices;
-  provide guidelines in order to contribute to the creation of a harmonised
framework related to information re-use as expressed in:
        2003/98/EC Directive;
        Decision no 456/2005/EC dealing with "programme to make digital
content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable"
       Information re-use best practices identified among public
sectorpartners and according to private partners needs.

The Network activities will be furthermore enriched by the
coordinatorexperience based on the www.sistema.piemonte.it   web site, a
portalspreading to citizens, companies and other stakeholders information and
services.Besides the Network activities will be also experimented on the
Environmental Portal of www.sistema.piemonte.it  web site, created by the
the Piedmont Region Environmental Information System based on regional public
body network (Piedmont Region, Provincial Administration, Piedmont
Environmental Agency) because:
-  the environment is cross-cutting horizontal priority, such as defined in
6 article of Treaty of European Union, which requires environmental protection
requirements to be  integrated in the definition and implementation of
Community policies in order to promote sustainable development;
-  the public authorities must be guarantee the right of access to
environmental information held by or for public authorities. To ensure that,
environmental information is progressively made available and disseminated to
the public (in accord with the 2003/4/EC Directive onpublic access to
environmental information).The coordinator experience will be shared and
improved with Member States partners through the above mentioned network
activities, leading to the following results:
-  a multilingual information network created targeting the exchange of Member
States partner knowledge and experiences in law implementation (particularly
regarding  relationship and information exchanges between private and public
-  shared methodologies on the implementation of legislation and oninformation
re-use, to make digital content in Europe more accessible,usable and
-  public environment  information exploitation analysed;
-  organizational and technical solutions identified  for spreading
digitalinformation services toward territories with different ICT
infrastructureavailability (Internet, broad band);
-  experimental information services identified,  based on Member State
best practices.

Durée : 24 month

Budget total :  950.000 ?

Partenaire recherché : Private and public sector european experts (especially
from EEA/EFTA countries)

Coordonnées de la personne à contacter :

Fernanda Termine
Direzione Ambiente
Corso Unione Sovietica, 216
10124 Torino
Tel. 0039 011 3169257
email: fernanda.termine@csi.it

Ministère de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie
Direction Générale des Entreprises - STSI
Représentant national aux comités des programmes IST, E-TEN, E-CONTENT,
Site : http://www.telecom.gouv.fr
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