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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Subject: Programme ECONTENTPLUS / Entreprise autrichienne recherche partenaire français /

une entreprsie autrichienne
rmDATA Datenverarbeitungsges.m.b.H.
Rechte Bachgasse 3
A-7400 Oberwart
Email: office@rmdata.at

recherche des partenaires français pour un projet Econtent

Description of Company.

rmDATA is an Austrian IT company specialized on surveying and geographic
information software. Today, mDATA has 45 employees  a further growth is
expected. The principal office of rmDATA is located in Oberwart (Burgenland)
about 120km South of Vienna and 100km North of Graz. There are two branch
offices in Austria, one in Vienna and one in Gmünd (Carinthia), and a wholly
owned subsidiary called mDATA Geoinformationssysteme GmbH in Munich, Germany.
rmDATA has been developing software and providing IT services for surveying,
mapping and geographical information systems since 20 years. With respect to
geographical information, rmDATA focuses on land management, infrastructure
management (e.g. Pipeline GIS) and municipal information systems.
Like in other technically oriented companies, more than 50% of the staff is
working in the Research and Development division.

Skills/possible role

rmDATA offers technology, together with know-how and highly skilled experts,
for the creation, management and analysis of geographical data. All solutions
of rmDATA make use of standard databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, and
GIS technology provided by leading GIS vendors.
In particular, rmDATA has a strong background and rich experience in dealing
with data formats and standards that are common in Austria and Germany. These
formats and standards are, amongst others, related to the land register
(including ownership information),land use, topography and infrastructure
networks (gas, water, waste water, telecommunication, ) etc.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages of the Participation:
It is not the intention of rmDATA to launch an own eContentplus project. But,
rmDATA would like to participate in eContentplus projects that require a
technological partner and, hence, could benefit from the participation of
rmDATA. rmDATA is able to provide expertise with respect to geographic
information systems: data structures, data formats common in Austria and
Germany, database technology (client and server), software development
(desktop, intranet and internet applications) as well as the conversion and
administration of geographical data.

Merci d e contacter directement l'enterprise


Ministère de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie
Direction Générale des Entreprises - STSI
Représentant national aux comités des programmes IST, E-TEN, E-CONTENT,
Site : http://www.telecom.gouv.fr
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