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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject:Appel VI du programme IST / Société  
        grecque ACHETYPON cherche partenaire pour projet dans les moteurs de 

Madame Monsieur

veuillez trouver ci-dessous une demande de recherche de partenaires pour un
projet de l'appel VI du programme IST.

merci de contacter directement la personne en charge du projet et de ne pas
faire un simple reply.

We've been setting up a new R&D project proposal and decided to contact
SCHOULLER since hecould link us with digital content providers in this area
that could  be interested in participating in a research project that I
describe below. 

The proposal is addressing the forthcoming IST FP6 Call for proposals 
targeting the specific objective "2.6.3: Search Engines for audio-visual
content" (deadline for submission April 25). The main concept is based on
direct video searching techniques (and potentially audio) through appropriate
charactirization of encoded motion frames and NOT based on legacy use of
or any content manipulation  in this direction (i.e. NOT an MPEG-7
approach).The main problem to be solved can be briefly expressed as:
a user has (through whatever means) a small, few minutes long video stream
sample, how can a system efficiently identify to which video file this stream
is a part, within a video content base of excessive volume.”, and we have
identified some very tangible applications of this technique.

The consortium already includes partners with significant expertiese to handle
the algorithmic/research tasks, HW/processing platform (H.264
encoding/transcoding server farm)  and application/service development 

We are looking to strenghten the consortium with partners that can provide
relevant content, have solid understanding of the requirements from the user
perspective i.e. content providers, broadcasters, film
libraries, electronic news etc.  that can contribute to this project 
undertaking the technology user role, exploring the basic requirements of
laying out such a service, linking our activities with apropriate
standardization bodies and consortia, investigating service exploitation paths
in their area etc.

Since the deadline for submission of proposals is approaching fast (24th of
April) your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks in  advance for
your collaboration.

Kind regards,

Fanis Orphanoudakis

Theofanis Orphanoudakis, Ph.D.
Senior IT Consultant
Archetypon S.A.
236 Syggrou Avenue 176 72 Kallithea Athens HELLAS
Tel:+30 210 9536425 (direct)
+30 210 9536410 (operator)
Fax:+30 210 9536411

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